Your International Partner

“Globalism is now everywhere!” They say.
"Especially internet laid the foundation of globalism.” They claim.
Do you think the globalism emerged in this last century? Would The Great Roman Empire would really be ‘Great’ if it didn’t embrace the whole world? Do you think the intellectuals who discovered the Egyptian Civilization were all grown up in Egypt? Don’t you know that Ottoman became ‘The Ottoman Empire’ by embracing all kind of intelligences? So, what about the Green Card Lottery? Why USA invite different intelligences to its country? So, all these are based on the advantages of globalization. Globalism is an exchange of information and information is power. There was always globalism on the basis of power. So it is today, tomorrow it will be.


So THE is also working with this mentality. If you need an animation, THE works with its partner in Canada. If you need a director from Europe, THE doesn’t hesitate to get support from its Dutch partner.If you are going to open up to the Middle East market, for example, THE can produce a project with its partner who dominates the Iranian market.THE does not 'take only the good sides of the West'. But also takes the good sides of the South, the Northeast or the Far East, if you need it. It also transfers its good sides to those zones. The power of THE is based on the mantras that analyze the historical process well.

As Churchill said:
"The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see."