Business Approach
A New Model Agency.

Digitally Literate
Obsessively creative
Professional impresser
Media savvy
Ideas led
Always relevant
Always on
Technology driven

A hot creative agency that is an attraction point for new businesses, an award hunter, a potential regional hub of creativity. An agency that mashes the boundaries between strategy, media, all sorts of marketing problems, sales, technology and creativity. An agency with an open minded approach towards new partnerships with creative & sexy networks in the near future.


With the best talent
Bullshit free

Focus on utilizing every individual's every skill, rather than limiting the operation to pre-defined departmental roles that have been shaped 50 years ago. Networking work-flow model vs. hierarchical work- flow.

An agency aware of human nature. Both the team's, client's and consumer's.
An agency makes it happen!
An agency makes it click!
An agency makes it contagious!

What is professionalism?

We call professionals those who do their job as needed. The ultimate goal of a doctor is to heal its patient. The ultimate goal of an architect is to draw aesthetic and useful projects. The ultimate goal of a confectioner is to make delicious pastries. The ultimate goal of the footballer is to score goals. The accountant's ultimate goal is to keep the accounts accurate. The ultimate goal of a taxi driver is to take you where you want to go. The ultimate goal of an advertiser is to produce stories that will increase sales. So all of these are ‘Professionalism’.


To describe THE, we first need to look at the definition of the ‘state'.
The thing that you call state is a formation that thinks about forty (40 with number) things at the same time. Considering investment while collecting taxes; Engaged in culture and art while planning employment; Investing salaries while strengthening defense… It's like the mother who thinks everything about her son. It’s maybe the reason why they call it 'Mother State’ in Turkish.

THE looks at the advertisement from the ‘state' window.

When it persuades the consumer to buy, it strives to keep it constant. While considering after-sales satisfaction, it thinks of increasing the manufacturer’s profits.
While raising the value of the brand, it encourages the investor for new investments. While accelerating the pace, it opens the door of new employment.
While making extra profit for the bosses, it increases the wages of the employees. It dreams the rising standards of life which helps to a rise in art, philosophy, peace and science in the whole country. Shortly, what we call advertiser should be the state of the economy.

THE is a great state for economy.